The Social Media Olympics

So the 2012 Summer Olympics have finally begun. In the weeks leading up to the event, they were constantly being praised as the Social Media Olympics. Leading up to the event I started searching for all the best ways to utilize social media to follow the Olympics. This is an enormous opportunity for the Olympics to connect with their followers. At the same time these various platforms allow for people to critique the Olympics in real time. And with over 900 million Facebook users compared to the 100 million during the 2008 Summer Olympics, there are sure to be quite a few opinions voiced.

One interesting turn involving the use of social media, is that people attending the events will be restricted as to what they can post. An example of the new ruling is that while in the stadium people can film the event on their Smartphone, but they are not allowed to upload it to Facebook or any social media site.

Another problem that the Olympic committee could possibly face is the impressions that people receive from the athletes who are competing in the games. Kerron Clement voiced his opinion on how smoothly things were going upon first arriving to London, “Not a good first impression London” (via Twitter). In some cases the Olympic committee has had to respond to athletes’ tweets by suspending them from the games. The two cases revolved around racist tweets sent out by two different athletes.

Regardless of the problems that can possibly arise during the event, social media is providing us an opportunity to experience the games like never before. Perhaps one of the best ways to experience the games from a behind the scenes perspective is to follow the Twitter accounts of the athletes competing. We’ve complied a short list of the most popular American athletes to follow during the Olympics.


  1. Lebron James
  2. Alex Morgan
  3. Hope Solo
  4. Michael Phelps
  5. Ryan Lochte
  6. Kevin Love
  7. Lolo Jones


Or if you want to a chance to explore the Twitter accounts for all the athletes, you can use the IOC Olympic Athletes’ Hub. This website provides access to verified Facebook and Twitter accounts for the athletes past and present.

If you don’t want to just follow the athletes’ tweets there are other ways to follow the Olympics, including several apps to make the whole process easier.

Play Up – Free

This app allows you to follow the Olympics in real time, while socializing with other fans.

OPlanner – Free

This app has keeps track of the scheduling of all events. Plus, you can even set alarms for events you don’t want to miss.

Storify Olympic Page

This website collects all Olympic related stories from around the web and forms narratives as a way to follow the games.

Twitter/NBC Olympics Hub

This page will curate all the best information from the games. It is essentially a destination Twitter page for the Olympics.

This is the official U.S. Olympic page. On this website you’ll be able to find a great deal of coverage for anything involving the U.S. Olympic Team.

No matter how you want to follow and interact with the Olympics, you can be sure there is a method available. Sometimes the toughest part is just discovering what works best for you. We want to know, do you have a preferred social media tool you use for the Olympics?