Social Media Helps Create Collaboration.


For the last week St. Louis has been in a horrible heat wave. No mater where you turn, someone is telling you how hot it is. So I’ve been trying to come up with various ways to beat the heat this summer. My first thought was I could get a swimming pool, but apparently my landlord doesn’t want me digging holes in the backyard. Another option a traditional float trip. However, everyone else seems to have the same idea and the  Finally I concluded I should take the time to sample the abundance of craft breweries that have been popping up in St. Louis recently. What better way to beat the heat than with a cold beer?

So I started to search for my first brewery to try and somewhere along the way I started following the twitter accounts of most of the craft brewers in the area. Then I noticed something. The interactions that are taking place between the restaurants and breweries really highlight the power of social media. I couldn’t help but notice all the ways these two communities were working together to create a truly great dining experiences for St. Louis.

Food and beer typically go hand in hand. What about breweries and restaurants? And how do they get the ball rolling? It seems that with the help of social media the two are developing relationships like never before. The St. Louis’ food and beer community has been utilizing Twitter to not only update the public on the latest happenings at their establishments but also to announce the latest collaborations with others in the industry.

Almost everyday one of the local breweries sends out a tweeting complimenting a local restaurant and discussing which local beer went best with the amazing food they had. The restaurants also keep up with their social connections. The restaurants do a tremendous job of keeping the public updated about the new beers they have on tap, in addition to what will be available next.

These interactions have even resulted in an unexpected turn in their business interactions. Dave Bailey, the restaurateur of Chocolate Bar, Bailey’s Range, Rooster, and Bridge has joined forces with the crew over at 4 Hands to open a kitchen in their tasting room. The next kitchen is called 5th Wheel and turns out food that compliments the beer being brewed by 4 Hands. The Riverfront Times recently wrote an article about the new partnership.

Another interesting collaboration has been taking place between Perennial Artisan Ales and Farmhaus restaurant. Perennial worked with the staff at Farmhaus to create “Brew for the Crew”. The beer was designed to pair well with the Farmhaus menu. More information on the beer can be found in the article.

I find it very interesting how these online relationships have developed into serious culinary collaborations simply with the help of social media. Now is a terrific time to start becoming involved in the local culinary scene. Take the time to interact with some of the local establishments and treat yourself to some delicious food and a cold beer as you fight through the summer heat.